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And there are very intelligent people working on algorithms

Le 18 septembre 2014, dans Lausanne, par limousine

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Not trying to be rude, just saying there are about 150 million people in the US that can run a checkout line at a grocery store. There are probably six or seven hundred thousand that can be Senior Director of Project Management for a SMB FinTech SaaS firm. There are probably less than a thousand that can be COO of a multinational semiconductor hardware development firm..

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They just have to find you couple of KB of data on the servers. Independently all of these little islands of data are fairly telling of who you are and what you doing but combined they complete a very clear and concise picture. And there are very intelligent people working on algorithms and bots that make calculated assessments which likely aren for nefarious reasons at the moment, more likely they are hoping to sell you something.This is a direction that society does not want to head hermes men’s sandals replica in as a whole.

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Hermes Replica Belt It our morality. Crime is more frequently committed by folks without resources, police hermes birkin replica cheap COULD be providing more proactive protect and serve style support in the communities of poor folks and helping them out.How many people have you met who lost jobs because they couldn get to work?It would be great if cops were helping with carpools, if the types of financial crimes and discrimination that lead to unavailability of jobs for swaths of the population were investigated proactively rather than being the burden of the victim entirely.In fact, nearly any corporate crime not harming the securities market requires proactive action, burdening the victim, seems like that creates an environment favoring the wealthy, above and beyond a legal system that favors folks who can buy more man hours to cripple and manipulate the system through trivial, or time consuming filings.There could be (and are) a number of government institutions responsible for prevention work and general social services. In my opinion, imprisoning someone is a form of violence and should only be used when the risk of them reoffending and replica hermes belt perpetrating further violence is too high.People shouldn be in prison for non violent drug offenses or offences that were entirely caused by their drug use once hermes birkin replica malaysia they gotten clean and have a plan to stay that way Hermes Replica Belt.

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